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About us

Reach your full potential with our tailored financial solutions.

We aim to facilitate closing the USD 75 billion Supply Chain Finance funding gap faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Sub-saharan Africa. We will achieve this technology and a new approach, providing a more efficient allocation of resources and fair access to capital.


Enabling Emerging Growth

InvoSoko Africa has adopted innovative and disruptive processes aimed at increasing visibility for SMEs in the region. to revolutionize the way SMEs thrive in the digital era. Say goodbye to invisibility and hello to endless possibilities!

Make use of our comprehensive 3-Dimensional digital transformation of SMEs and MSMEs value chains. Through our platform, SMEs can now access credit and enable more efficient and transparent interaction between Suppliers, Buyers, and Financiers.

By utilizing the InvoSoko Invoice Discounting platform, we empower SMEs with the advantages of digital payments, granting them access to the digital economy. This access opens up opportunities for SMEs to access financial services that were previously out of their reach, ultimately fostering transparency and operational efficiencies within their operations.

Experience stronger relationships, increased network, visibility and unlock new heights with InvoSoKo!


SMEs can now access valuable networks and collaborations for resources, expertise, and new business opportunities.


SMEs gain access to a wider customer base leading to a growth potential and the ability to maximize sales and revenue.


Enhanced visibility allows SME owners to establish their brand and differentiate themselves from competitors.


Access to working capital allows SME owners to invest in business growth and effectively expand their operations.

The Team

"If you want to go wide, go with government. If you want to go deep, go with NGOs and academic institutions. If you want to go fast, go with the private sector. And if you want to go far, you must go together.”

Jeff Mwangi


Annah Njaimwe


Tokelo Matlou

Addendum Advisor

John Kiluma

Fund Manager

Caleb Tonya

Compliance & Risk

A brighter future for African SMEs.

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