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Supply Chain Finance

Unlock Working Capital and Streamline Payment Processes

Maximize the potential of your business with InvoSoKo’s innovative supply chain financing solution. Our platform optimizes cash flow by extending payment terms to suppliers while empowering large and SME suppliers with the option to receive early payment, creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders.


Enhanced Working Capital

InvoSoKo enables businesses to unlock their working capital by strategically lengthening payment terms to suppliers. This approach provides businesses with improved financial flexibility, allowing them to allocate funds to other critical areas of their operations and drive sustainable growth.

Accelerated Cash Flow for Suppliers

Through InvoSoKo’s platform, suppliers gain the opportunity to get paid early, ensuring prompt access to funds for their goods and services. This results in enhanced cash flow, reduced dependence on payment cycles, and the ability to meet financial obligations promptly.

Streamlined Payment Processes

InvoSoKo simplifies and streamlines payment processes within the supply chain. By leveraging our platform, businesses can automate payment workflows, reduce manual effort, and enhance efficiency in managing supplier payments, leading to improved operational effectiveness and time savings.

A brighter future for African SMEs.

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