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Selective Receivables Factoring

Optimize Cash Flow and Streamline Receivable Management

Unlock the potential of your outstanding invoices with InvoSoKo’s selective receivable factoring solution. Our platform empowers suppliers whose payers are not part of the supply chain program to access early payment on their invoices, providing a seamless and efficient way to optimize cash flow and enhance receivable management.


Improve Cash Flow

By committing your outstanding invoices to a funder through InvoSoKo, you can accelerate your cash flow, receiving early payment on your invoices and eliminating the waiting period for payment from payers. Say goodbye to cash flow gaps and seize opportunities for growth and expansion.

Simplify Receivable Collection

InvoSoKo takes care of the collection process, ensuring timely and accurate payment from payers when the invoices mature. You can enjoy the convenience of automated receivable management, freeing up your time and resources to focus on core business operations.

Financial Stability and Flexibility

With InvoSoKo as your selective receivable factoring partner, you gain financial stability and flexibility. Accessing early payment on your invoices provides you with a consistent and predictable cash flow, enabling you to meet financial obligations, invest in your business, and pursue strategic initiatives with confidence.

A brighter future for African SMEs.

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