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Seller Benefits

Sellers don’t need to worry about late payments on their receivables. With InvoSoKo, suppliers can unlock the value of their receivables by accessing early cash flow. By reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), sellers can optimize their working capital and strengthen their financial position.


Unlock Your Working Capital

InvoSoKo enables you to unlock your working capital by getting paid within 24 hours of selling an invoice, providing you with immediate access to the funds you need to fuel your business growth.

Competitive Cost of Funds

Leverage your credit profile to secure the best cost of funds, accessing multiple financiers through InvoSoKo’s platform, ensuring you benefit from competitive rates that align with your financial goals.

Debt-Free Receivables

With InvoSoKo, you can get paid for your receivables without taking on any additional debt, allowing you to optimize your cash flow and maintain a healthy financial position while avoiding unnecessary financial burdens on your books.

Optimize your working capital and strengthen supplier relationships

With InvoSoKo’s innovative platform, it empowers you to extend payment terms while offering early payment options to suppliers, fostering a win-win collaboration that drives operational efficiency and business success.

A brighter future for African SMEs.

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